Black rockfish


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Fishtracker has successfully tagged and released twenty three fish at Redfish Rocks, and you can support this fascinating research by adopting a fish!  Your donation will also support outreach and education efforts by the Redfish Rocks Community Team.  Later, return to this website for updates on your fish’s travels!

Pick a species, click on the picture, and choose your fish.  Decide which adoption plan is best for you, and use your credit or debit card to make a tax-deductible donation on line.  Or, download the brochure using the link below, and pay by check. There’s a plan for everyone’s budget, and each donation is fully appreciated.

You’ll receive an official adoption certificate, a photo and fact card about your fish, an adopt-a-fish sticker, and fishtracker shopping bag, and we’ve got some great fishtracker gear for all you First Mates, Skippers, and Salty Dogs!  Become a Redfish Enthusiast by making a donation each month, and you’ll also receive a pair of invitations to the Water Festival Welcome Reception. 

Thank you for your support!            download  brochure:

Please join these generous donors in support of research and education at the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve and MPA:

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photo: Stan Shebs / wikipedia

photo: Steve Lonhart/SIMon NOAA

photo: Bob Lea / SIMoN NOAA

photo: Larry C

photo: David Washburn

photo: nicola

China Rockfish


Copper Rockfish

Quillback Rockfish

Canary Rockfish

Black Rockfish